Monday, December 26, 2011

700,000 Android Devices Activated Daily

Just few months back Google said 500,000 Android devices were activated on daily basis. Today Andy Rubin, SVP Google, let loose another number on Google's social network Google+. He said as of Dec 20th more than 700,000 Android devices are activated every day.

There was lot of criticism from competitors that Google was counting re-activations in the total number of activations to inflate the number. However, Andy Rubin also mentions "and for those wondering, we count each device only once (ie, we don't count re-sold devices), and "activations" means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service."

This means close to 30,000 Android devices are activated every hour and 500 devices activated every minute. In comparison only 250 babies are born every minute in the world and Android is reproducing at a much faster pace than child birth.


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