Monday, January 2, 2012

DropboxAutomater - Added features for your Dropbox Account

Automate your Dropbox

Everytime someone puts a file in our shared Dropbox folder,
I get a text message to my mobile - automatically!

Dropbox provides 2GB network space for free. Users can store any type of files and folders on Dropbox which can be synced with all devices. However, Software Engineer Manuel Berger, has taken Dropbox to the next level with DropboxAutomater.

DropboxAutomater is a free tool which allows you to specify custom actions on the files uploaded to your DropBox account. For example you can set DropboxAutomater to convert all files uploaded to folder 'Test1' to PDF format. You can also set DropboxAutomater to upload all pictures saved in 'Test2' folder to your Facebook Account.

Here is the full list of things DropboxAutomater can Automate for you:
  • Documents
    • Convert to PDF
    • Summarize
    • Translate
    • PDF to TXT
    • Upload to Google Docs
    • Upload to Slideshare
    • Sign PDF (electronic signature)
  • Pictures
    • Upload to Facebook
    • Upload to Flickr
    • Downscale
    • Rotate image
    • Write text on image
    • Photo effect
    • Stamp a logo on the image
    • Stamp a map on the image
    • Stamp a "dislike" on the image
  • Any file
    • email
    • Zip file
    • Save it to another Dropbox-folder
    • Rename
    • Upload to FTP-Server
    • Encrypt file
    • Decrypt file
  • Send info
    • Tweet
    • Set Facebook status file
  • And constantly growing...

To sign up for DropboxAutomater simply go to and click on "Login with Dropbox". You will need a Dropbox account to be able to use this service.

Source: DropboxAutomater

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  1. 2GB seems enough storage. A lot of things to automate, cool!