Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Republic Wireless Goes Truly Unlimited

Recently Republic Wireless announced it is going to get rid of the "fair use threshold" on its unlimited plan. Republic Wireless will now offer unlimited talk, text, and data for $19 a month without any restrictions. Back in November Republic Wireless launched its cellular service to offer a hybrid mobile solution. Whenever you are connected to WiFi they will route your calls through the Internet and when you are not connected they will piggy back on Sprint's nationwide network.

Republic Wireless's "fair use threshold" received lot of criticism for marketing a unlimited plan which was in reality not a unlimited plan. According to their blog, “Some of your feedback about our CUI concept and fair use thresholds ranged from confusion to extreme criticism, with a wide variety of thoughts and suggestions in between,” Republic Wireless’s general manager Brian Dally said in a company blog post. “Some judged our marketing to be ‘deceptive.’ Others felt our concepts were just too complicated, and unnecessary to expose to end users.” He continued, “Rather than revising our fair use policy, we’ve decided not to have one at all. There will simply be no thresholds, and no risk of losing service.”


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