Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Republic Wireless Goes Live Today - $19 Unlimited

Republic Wireless went live today. As posted by us Republic Wireless offers $19 a month for unlimited Talk/Text/Web. Currently the only phone you can use with their service is Lg Optimus running on Android 2.3. Their entire service is based on what they call "Hybrid Calling". Whenever you are connected to WiFi they will route your calls through the Internet and when you are not connected they will piggy back on Sprint's nationwide network. Regardless if you are on WiFi or not you still get unlimited talk time.

However, they really want you to use WiFi calling whenever possible. They will be tracking Cellular Usage Index (CUI). What this means is they will be comparing your usage of minutes over non-WiFi networks with other Republic Wireless users (community). If your usage over non-WiFi network is very high they will contact you with tips on how to reduce that and make more calls over WiFi network. Either way you still only pay $19 for unlimited usage.

Currently they don't offer international roaming, however if you can find WiFi wherever you are travelling you can still make and receive free phone calls while travelling international.

If you are a person who is in WiFi range for 60% of your time this might be the solution for you to cut down on your wireless bill.


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