Monday, November 14, 2011

Android vs iOS

If you own iPhone or a Android phone I am sure at some point you have argued with your friends/colleagues why your phone is better than the other. Users would come up with the most innovative ways to defend their choice as supreme and why their friends should also make the switch.

This is one war in which I don't think there is a clear winner nor will be in the near future. I feel both are winners and ultimately it is what the end users are looking for in their dream phone and which one of these would be a better fit.

As far as profitability goes there is no argument there. Clearly Apple's iPhone till date is way more profitable than Google's Android. Comparing phone features may be seen as subjective (which I may compare at a later date), so I decided to put out a comparison chart based on statistics. I hope this will help you in your next debate.

As of 3Q 2011
iOS (Apple)
Android (Google)
Total Devices
250 Million iOS devices sold including iPhone, iTouch, and iPad
190 Million Devices Activated. Including Phones and Tablets
 New Sales
367,000 iOS devices sold daily
500,000 androids activated everyday
27.7% of Smartphone subscribers in USA are iPhone users
43.7% of Smartphone subscribers in USA are Android users
Available Apps
More than 500,000 iOS apps
Around 250,000 Android Apps
Launch Date
June 2007
October 2008
Different Phone Models
In 4+ years iPhone has come up with 5 different hardware models. Latest being iPhone4S
In 3+ years dozens of hardware models run Android. Motorola, HTC, and Samsung lead the pack.
Tablet Sales
iPad rules 66.6% of Tablet Market Share
Android Tablets have 26.9% of Market Share

Source: Stats from CNET


  1. So are we clear ...IOs is the clear winner here !!!! and one key metric missing here is customer satisfaction in which iOS is a clear clear winner !!!!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes I agree iOS has better customer satisfaction than Android. As far as a clear winner.... That will be too subjective for me to comment on! :-)

  3. Well Android is right now capturing the market but IOS guys need to work really hard to promote their product. Right now, Android is compatible with Vonage, Axvoice( Packet 8 service. I don't know if IOS is compatible with these companies or not. Besides that, IOS has to do a lot of marketing for its product.