Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Google+ Dead?!?

I read an interesting article on NYTimes counter arguing some big names like Forbes as to why Google+ is here to stay and will not be euthanized like an abandoned animal. Ever since Google+ launched in June 2011 there has been constant debate as to whether Google+ can ever win over Facebook users, or Google+ would die the same death as Orkut and Google Buzz.

According to Nick at NYTimes "Detractors don’t realize one very important point: Google does not see Google+ as a separate product; to the company, Google+ is the product. Proclaiming that Google+ won’t survive is like saying that the Apple mobile iOS operating system will die, but the iPhone and iPad will live on. They are one and the same, just as Google and Google+ will be." His argument was in response to what Forbes had to say in "A Eulogy for Google Plus".

As with any other product or service, I am sure Google also has haters and lovers who will keep fighting as Husband and Wife. Google still has lot of work to do with Google+ to attract broader audience. For starters it needs better mobile app for iOS. It also needs to develop mobile app for BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile. Only time will tell if Google+ is here to live or will it be euthanized.

As far as I am concerned I am liking what I see so far in Google+ but as I said it has lot more work to do before it catches fire. You can read the entire NYTimes article here...


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