Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPhone preferred over BlackBerry in Workplace

A new Mobile WorkForce Report by iPass suggests corporates are ditching Blackberry for iPhone. in 2011 45% of smartphones in workplace were iPhone compared to only 32% Blackberrys. Information was obtained by surveying employees at over 1100 enterprises worldwide. Just under 50% of respondents were from North America and 32% from Europe. As seen from the graph above Blackberry market share only went down by 2%, however iPhone market grew over 10% and Android doubled its market share. 
Location Breakdown of Survey

Are you ready to divorce your BlackBerry and start dating iPhone as your company phone? Click on the source link to read the entire article.

Source: iPass


  1. Apart from government organization, I believe most everyone is changing to Android or iOS in the work place. More flexibility but comes big challenge for IT folks trying to make sure the phone are secure and data is safe...

  2. True. IT challenges are there, however at the same time companies can also save some money out there by shifting the liability from company issued phone to Individual liable for the phone and data plan. As is most individuals own a iPhone or Android with data plans so all company needs to do is push security policies and enable remote wipe to access company email on personal device. At least I am glad I don't have to carry two phones when one can multi task ;)