Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Netflix chooses Android over iOS

I read an interesting article on NYTImes by Nick Wingfield. He talks about how Netflix launched its latest app for Android tablets before developing one for iPad. In his words "The bounty of apps for iPad and iPhone are one of the cornerstones of Apple‘s strategy for promoting the devices. It isn’t a great sign for the company then, when an important developer says it’s going to do a superior app first for Google‘s rival Android operating system."

Even though Netflix has announced that iPad update will follow soon it is still an interesting observation given that traditionally developers have been more keen on releasing iPhone/iPad apps before updating Android. Even though iPad competitors might have sliced iPad's tablet market share by couple of percentage points, no competitor has come close to iPad's market share.

It is yet to be seen if Amazon can make in roads with Kindle Fire which was recently launched. Kindle Fire runs on Android OS, so a win for Kindle Fire would ultimately mean win for Android.


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