Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Conference Calls on the Go

Do you frequently dial in to conference calls while on the go? Calling in a conference call while driving or on the  go can be quite a pain. You will first need to find the phone number to call in and then again look up the pin number and enter the pin. This can be quite annoying and also dangerous if you are trying to do all this while driving or running to your gate for your next flight.

InstantMeeting has a solution for you. Now you can download a simple app, InstantMeeting, from Android Market which can make your life much easier. InstantMeeting app can look up the conference bridge number as well as the pin number from your calendar and store that information in the app for quick one touch dialing. The application can also remind you of the meeting just before it is scheduled to begin.

It supports variety of conferencing services in North America and Europe. If the service provider is not found you can also enter the conference details manually in the application. Now you can concentrate back on the road and leave the conference call dialing duties to InstantMeeting.


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