Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Google Music Store

As expected Google deleted "Beta" from its Google Music site today. You will no longer need an invite to sign up for Google's Music site. You can store up to 20,000 songs from your personal music library. Google Music users can also purchase their favorite music tracks for as little as 99c per track. If you are using your Andorid on T-Mobile, purchases can be directly charged to your T-Mobile bill.

With Google Music you can access your Google Music library anywhere and anytime - no syncing, no wires. You can also Stream music instantly on the web and listen on your Android phone or tablet with the Google Music app. Not online? No problem. Just save your favorites to your mobile device for offline playback.

Google has also integrated its Music store with Google+. Purchased songs can be shared with friends on Google+ who can listen to the song once for free before deciding if they would like to purchase the song or not.

Best of all Google Music will continue to be a free service unlike iTunes Match which is $24.99 yearly. What are you waiting for? If you aren't signed up at Google Music yet go hit the source link to sign up for free.

Source: Google Music


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