Saturday, October 29, 2011

Call Forwarding to International Number

If you are a globe trotter chances are that either you are using your US cell phone in international roaming, or if you have a local number in the country you are visiting you are looking for a way to forward your US number to your local number.

Without a doubt using US cell phone while roaming international is way more expensive then forwarding your number to a local phone if you have one. However, call forwarding isn't exactly cheap either.

You can now forward your US cell phone number to any international number for rates starting at 1.0c per minute. For example forwarding your calls to any number in India including cell phones only costs 1.7c a minute.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account at Rebtel. Once you have verified your US cell phone number you will need to add a contact with the number you are trying to forward to. For example if you are trying to forward your US number to a number in India you would add a contact for your number in India. Once you do this Rebtel will give you a unique local number associated with your International number.

When you are ready to leave the country you simply need to forward your US cell to the unique Rebtel number you got in the previous step. This will forward all your calls while out of country to your international number for only 1.7c per minute.

Happy Forwarding!


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