Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hotmail App Comes to Android

Microsoft has finally released an official Hotmail App for Android and the native Hotmail app will also be launched for the iOS 5 running Apple devices.
Along with the launch, on its blog, Microsoft has shared its plans to combat spam and provide ample of tools for the users to block out spam. The company aims to revamp Hotmail interface and this new version would reflect on all the mobile versions.
The app supports multiple Hotmail accounts and allows viewing all sub-folders and adding / viewing attachments of the emails received.
The official app black background based interface and depends on push mail mechanism to fetch emails. The app also allows keeping calendar and contacts in sync with the Android mobile phone. Hotmail account owners can view even their sub-folders and even send photos to other contacts using the Hotmail app.
Officially, it is now available for download from the Android Market. Microsoft plans to release native Hotmail app for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad once the iOS 5 is released for public.


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