Thursday, October 20, 2011

First free "Thank You" App Available from BlackBerry

As posted a few days ago Rim has kept its promise and delivered first free app that's part of their "$100" free gift.

First up is Pro:
"Thank you for choosing and supporting BlackBerry®. In appreciation, Pro is free of charge for a limited time (a $19.99 USD value), compliments of BlackBerry. 2.0 speaks txt (SMS) and email messages aloud so you can concentrate on the road. Eliminate temptation to drive distracted-let read txts (texts) and respond by voice with Pro. 2.0 Pro lets you chat by sending text responses by voice and use voice commands like: repeat message, or call back sender. Drive safe listening to messages without texting while driving or reading emails in car. Drive – respond by voice, hands-free. stops texting while driving (TWD)."

You can download the app and get more information in BlackBerry App World.

Source: BalckBerry Rocks


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