Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home Automation and Security


  • Ever thought you could turn on/off regular lights and fans with a regular remote control?
  • Wondered how you could spy on your Dog while you are at work?
  • Imagine, one click to turn out the lights on movie night without getting up from the couch, one click from your bed to dim the bedroom lamp without moving an inch, one click to turn out the dim in the dining room lamp over a romantic dinner and more!
  • Imagine professional, studio quality sound in any room of the house. Whether you're doing laundry in the basement, cleaning house, entertaining guests in the living room, watching a movie in the den or dining on the backyard patio, you get state-of-the-art audio and total control from any room!
  • Imagine waking up each morning to your bedroom lights gently fading on, a fresh pot of coffee ready and your favorite radio station coming on. It's time to say "enough" to that annoying alarm buzz, rushing to make coffee and hiding your eyes while you adjust to the bright morning light.
All of these and more is possible using X10 gadgets. X10 has really good gadgets at reasonable prices. Most of their products are easy to setup and would not require any special skills as they do work with your existing fixtures. Even though their website isn't the best out there I certainly feel their products are great for the price.


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